Guitar Tricks Review – Online Lessons

Learning Guitar Online with Guitar Tricks

What is Guitar Tricks?

This is a highly useful, well-made guitar-learning website which enables you to acquire all of the skills you need for solid playing. Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that offer this kind of content, but what you’ll notice in this Guitar Tricks Review is that it’s definitely something different. The effort put into it, the design and the content help it stand out from the crowd. 

How is Guitar Tricks different?
When it comes to learning the guitar, newbies basically have two choices: hiring a teacher or venturing into YouTube videos. Guitar Tricks argues that, although somewhat useful, both of these roads won’t take you far in your journey to guitar mastery. When hiring a teacher, the chances of a perfect match are not always high, and online lessons such s YouTube videos tend to be too fast, resulting in tons of skipped or brushed-upon material.

Guitar Tricks offers what they call the right way to learn guitar playing. The whole idea is to break each lesson up into as many parts as necessary for thorough learning, with clear instructions and quality visual support. There is no time lost on repetitive exercises that lead nowhere; a player is given the opportunity to start right away and get immersed in a song from the get-go. This may well be a revolutionizing approach to learning guitar playing, and it’s worth checking out.


The history of Guitar Tricks starts way back in 1998, when they invented their online guitar lessons which have evolved into a huge music library with thousands of songs, lessons, and tips from many experienced guitar teachers of the world. The most important thing is that your starting point is of no relevance. You may be a newbie, a beginner, an advanced player or a semi-pro – there is something here for everyone. You are given the opportunity to find your level and pick up from there.

The perks of learning through Guitar Tricks

One of the things that help Guitar Tricks stand out from the crowd is their Core Learning System. It is a learning system specifically designed for those who are just starting to learn the guitar and don’t know how and where to take the first steps.The program has eight courses, and it’s split into two sections – one for the fundamentals and one for the intermediate level. If you chose to combine them, they will teach you all you need to know as a beginner. You start out playing along with different chords and chord positions, but as you move along you reach harder levels of playing, eventually being given the opportunity to play blues, country and rock surroundings.

One thing we can say with this review of Guitar Tricks is that there are a lot of guitar styles, and this program takes special notice of that. You will be walked through each and every style, learning all of the basics. Not many learning programs cover this section, which is what separates Guitar Tricks from the competition.
Once you start learning the guitar on this site, you are well-advised to pay special attention to this section. Remember that you cannot truly become a great player unless you master the playing techniques, because you won’t be able to move up and down the fretboard nor pick up speed within the guitar scales.

Learning the guitar-playing techniques

Another reason why Guitar Tricks is a great place to learn the guitar is that it really covers the whole spectrum of guitar mastery. Apart from learning about different styles of music, harmonies, and melodies, you can also learn (in full detail) about all the most important guitar-playing techniques, which will enable you to truly get the grasp of your instrument. No guitarist is really good without knowing his chops, which is why learning all the guitar techniques is extremely useful for your playing. With this feature on Guitar Tricks, you’ll gradually improve and track your progress.

Guitar Toolbox
Another fantastic feature on Guitar Tricks is its Guitar Toolbox, which is basically a page with a lot of useful apps for aspiring guitar players. You don’t have to wander around the web looking for what you need because it’s all been integrated for you. Here, you can find a metronome, a chord finder, a fretboard trainer and many other options which facilitate the learning process. All the possibilities are at your disposal – all you have to do is get to work.

Guitar Tricks Review: Why Should You Try Guitar Tricks?

The main reason why you should give Guitar Tricks a try is the way every course is constructed. Your experience as a learner is at the center of Guitar Tricks’ attention. When you have an online lesson, it’s there for you – but you can’t do anything about it. You can skip it, or replay it, but that’s about it. On Guitar Tricks, every single lesson is laid out in full detail, stating the exact guitar style, the level of difficulty, your instructor and – the most important aspect – your level of progress. ( you can check out some samples free guitar video lessons here)

By following your progress, you will have a much clearer picture of what you’re doing and what you should do better. Each instructor offers you a ton of insightful information that follows your level of learning and advancing through courses. Guitar Tricks went to extreme lengths to cover all the details pertaining to guitar playing, and they really managed to create a solid body of work. From theory to practical use, all you need to learn is right there. Create an account, register, and give it a go. It’s worth the experience.

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