The Best Guitar Songs For Beginners

5 Songs For Beginners To Play

You are just starting out on your way to guitar mastery, and you don’t know which songs, to begin with? You’d love to start playing, but cannot find simple songs to match your skill set? Don’t worry – this happens to so many aspiring guitarists. When you’re a beginner, every song sounds equally hard and intricate, and you feel frightened to even give it a shot and start learning one. Thankfully, it’s not so. There are plenty of songs that you can learn fairly easy, as they don’t require a lot of guitar knowledge. All you have to know to enjoy them is a couple of chords and a lot of practice, everything else will fall into place by itself.

Here are five songs perfectly suited for you beginner players out there. Mind you, this is just our list. There are numerous songs in the music catalog; you can start your journey in so many ways. Here we go.

1. Knocking On Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan
This is one of the most recognizable tunes of all time, and it’s really simple to play. It consists of only four chords; the tempo is a bit slower and laid back, which is great if you’re still not confident in your speed. It’s also one of the best songs by Bob Dylan, so it’s great to have it in your catalog. Plus, you’re not really considered a guitar player if you don’t know this one – it’s a given.

2. Honky-tonk Women – The Rolling Stones
Another rock gem, this song was heavily influenced by country, and it has a great atmosphere to it. Consisting of only four chords, it’s easy to play, and it suits both the acoustic and the electric guitar. There are two versions of it, one issued as a single and one on the album Let it bleed – you can make your pick and play along. Remember, you’re not a guitarist if you don’t know any Stones’ songs – that’s a fact.

3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? – Credence Clearwater Revival
Here are another classic songs covered by many bands and artists, and it’s very easy. The tempo is relatively slow and gives you enough time to change through chords and keep up with the playing, which is very important for beginners. Again, only four chords are enough to make a classic tune that stood the test of time. It’s also a great melody, so if you like to sing, this is a great one to practice singing and playing. It’s especially good when played on an acoustic because it has that country-western twang to it.

4. Losing My Religion – REM
When this song came out in 1991, it became an instant classic. It’s one of the best tunes from the 90s, with great lyrics and harmonies. It has four chords (would you believe it?), but now it’s two minor ones and two major ones, which provides a great harmonic balance with an uneasy, eerie atmosphere. It’s very popular and often requested songs at parties and social gatherings, so if you don’t know it – it won’t do much for your reputation as a guitarist. Be sure to learn it – it’s a must-know.

5. Any 12-bar blues song out there
If you Google “12-bar blues songs”, you will find so many entries that will blow your mind. You wouldn’t believe how many songs in rock and pop have been structured according to 12-bar blues, which is basically three chords that go in circles, over and over again, through the cycle of 12 straight bars.This pattern is so effective when it comes to music-making that it borrowed itself to a great number of artists, and they have used its potential well. By mastering the 12-bar blues, you will open up the gate to the wonderful world of the blues, and learn dozens of songs instantly. You’ll become a walking jukebox!

There is no way that you can go wrong with the 12-bar. It’s one of the corner stones of popular music. Learn it well, and have fun in the process. Hundreds of songs are waiting for you to learn them; start with the simple ones and then move on. Good luck!